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Buy and Sell Used

We buy all kinds of used furniture in Abu Dhabi. We can give your items a good price. We want to make sure that the furniture we get from you is still in good condition.

Buy and Sell Used Electronic Appliances

Best place to sell second-hand electronics in Abu Dhabi. Any electronic device purchased in second quality is sold with good quality. We assured you our services are 100% guaranteed for you.

Shifting and Fitting

We offer a great service of collecting and delivering either as used items or as used electronic goods to any location of our clients’ choosing. Each parcel is treated with extreme care to ensure safe and timely delivery.

Where do we buy best second quality funishings in UAE? The Best Place To Sell Your Second-Hand Stuff?

In UAE we are the best only place where you can select the best décor items for your home, office, and commercial place. Furniture buy sale UAE has been buying and selling furniture since 1982. Hyder traders services are spread all over Abu Dhabi. Hyder furniture traders deliver used furniture to all the best cities in Abu Dhabi.

Are unused electronics items a problem for you? Does it affect your limited space?

It is more likely to stay there for a long time and rust or otherwise suppress the chemical reaction. So it is of no use to you. Have you thought? There is no point in taking it and throwing it in the trash. I thought about selling it. So an idea will be very useful for you. You can save your limited space. Everyone can buy another piece of furniture or electronic items from our shop with the proceeds.

Do you want to move a house or flat?
Are you worried about it?

A lot of people have to move house or flat for better facilities when for work purposes or family. If you want to change a house, we will prepare the whole set of a house for you. This is one of the best services of Hyder traders. In these furniture items and electronic items, our services are ready to make your new home flat or office a luxury of the latest quality. Used furniture items like sofa, couches, tables, bedroom set up, cupboards are all available.


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